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Written Testimonials

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Written Testimonials Palo Alto Daniel

My name is Daniel Fontana. I've been suffering from tension headaches for the last 2 years, seen just about every single possible option available to me--from acupunctures to massages to cardiologists, since I had a high heart rate, to a neurologist who recommended more massages. Then, I finally came to Stanford Chiropractic, just one session and I can already notice a tremendous difference, even with how I can hear--hearing better. It is actually quite remarkable how you do it here, and I am very appreciative.

Written Testimonials Palo Alto Patrick R

My name is Patrick Ryan. I recently came in Dr. Carr's office after I had a training accident in the gym and I could barely walk.

There's are shuffle through the parking lot, but he slipped me in between one of his appointments for my back.

In a couple of days I was feeling better, but then he found that I have a doubled over with low back pain. So I have been coming in regularly three days a week. My back feels much better than it has before. I'm able to hike further, I'm able to stand up a lot straighter and just certainly feel much better than I did.

Written Testimonials Palo Alto Jerry

Hi! My name is Jerry and I've been coming to see Dr. Carr for a little over a month now, and the results are amazing. I came in because I have shoulder pains and I've had those pains for about six or seven months.

I also have migraines and I've been taking medications for my migraines for years now. When I came in, this is my first time seeing a chiropractor, and after the first visit, I already knew something had changed. Besides the fact that my shoulder pains were gone, after the first week, my migraines were a lot less intense and they weren't happening as frequently.

Overall, love it. Like I love every minute, every week I come here. And the results are always positive, I can lift more at the gym, I have more energy. In general, my life is better. I'm really excited about that. Thank yo, Dr. Carr. This is great and I really hope more people come.

Written Testimonials Palo Alto Carolee - 2012

I have been an asthmatic since childhood. I have always dealt with the fact that a couple of times a year I would have an allergic reaction to the pollens and end up involved with my asthma. As new meds became available my doctor kept me on inhaled steroids hoping to manage my asthma. I maintained the status quo.

Originally I went to Dr. Carr to help me heal from a fall and eventually found relief from my asthma. I began to learn about how chiropractor care works and as my shoulder improved so did my asthma attacks. He relieved the stress on my nervous system with adjustments to my upper spine. Sounds so simple but the adjustments enabled my body to fend off the pollens successfully. I stopped the steroids and no chest infections for many years. No one is more surprised than my allergist and my family. I am free.

Dr. Carr is professional, caring and honest. He is a healer. Fernando cleverly manages the office intricacies with ease making my visits enjoyable. He is funny. I feel lucky that someone referred me to this office.

Success Stories Palo Alto Stephanie - 2012

Stanford Chiropractic has done wonders for in my life. My husband was tired of seeing me in pain. He mentioned that he had heard really great things about Dr. Gavin Carr so he wanted to have me seen. My husband taking me to see Dr. Carr had been a huge blessing for my entire family.

I have been a registered dental assistant for nine years and have worked in pediatric dentistry for the last seven years. I love my job but having to look into small mouths all day long had really put a lot of strain on my neck, shoulders and back. My health was slowly deteriorating. My entire body was in pain every single day; I was suffering from neck, back, shoulder and knee pain. It was very frustrating! I kept thinking, "How am I supposed to live in this body for the rest of my life if I am living in constant pain?" Before seeing Dr. Carr I had stopped taking part in activities I loved like running, zumba classes and ring to the gym. Even doing normal things like bathing my daughters or sleeping had become painful.

One month after seeing Dr. Carr I notices big changes in my body. I was sleeping like a baby and I had energy to workout every night after a long day at work. Even putting my girls down to sleep was no longer a chore. Then, after two months and not running for years due to constant knee pain, I ran a 5K! My neck and shoulder pain are no longer an issue. I love seeing Dr. Carr in the mornings before heading off to work. It gets me ready for my day. The office had a positive energy that rubs off on me. I love Dr. Carr and his staff; He's given me my live back!

What People Say About Stanford Chiropractic Center | Palo Alto Chiropractors Ali - 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Carr for over five months now and I have found a tremendous amount of that time to be pain free. After Dr. Carr completed his initial examination and consultation Fernando, the New Patient Care Manager for Stanford Chiropractic Center, met with me to explain the cost of the care and the expected timeline to recovery. He was very honest.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Carr I have had far more energy and far less back pain in my daily life. I came to Stanford Chiropractic with severe lower back pain, neck pain and sciatic leg pain. I was taking multiple painkillers daily to feel better. I have found positive results while in the care of Dr. Carr. I now am proud to say I am no longer taking any painkillers and I am learning new ways to cope with the pain. I used to have a hard time sleeping; I was always in a lot of pain and never felt well enough to go to the gym. I am now feeling a lot better and many of my symptoms are better as well.

Dr. Carr also helps me with many of my health issues. I say, "I have a cold", and he fixes me. I say, "My equilibrium is off", and he fixes me. I pretty much say anything and he fixes me. The staff at Stanford Chiropractic is so friendly and always fits me in. I would recommend Stanford Chiropractic to my best friend!

What People Say About Stanford Chiropractic Center | Palo Alto Chiropractors Maggie - 2012

My name is Maggie and I am 52 years old. After turning fifty, I decided that I needed to become more active, so I took up cycling. Love it! This year I was to join my sister on her family vacation to go biking in Yosemite. We love going there but I had never biked with them before. That was the plan, however, I knew that I was not healthy. I had numbness in various parts of my extremities, a chronic ache down my left leg and I always felt very tired. The soreness in my body kept me from working out and getting in better shape. I very much wanted to enjoy the active vacation we had planned, so this was a big problem. Enter Dr. Carr and Company. Immediately they explained the reasons why my body was in such poor health and what was necessary to fix my issues. What I didn't realize was how quickly it could be solved. On my first adjustment I felt a burst of fresh air enter my lungs. I thought, "No wonder I can't exercise. I wasn't even breathing correctly". Needless to say I began to feel great! The vacation went fantastically well. To my enjoyment we biked day and night. I even hiked Vernal Falls. Talk about confidence!

Thank you Dr. Carr and thank you to the team. I have my health back and truly my happiness.

What People Say About Stanford Chiropractic Center | Palo Alto Chiropractors Parise - 2012

My son Rhys is 13 years old and is an elite athlete. He trains and competes four to six days a week and travels nationally on a regular basis for competitions.

My husband and I have taught him that if he takes care of his body it will serve him well throughout his life. When he developed breathing issues and chronic headaches I took him to our pediatrician seeking help. We were told he had exercise-induced asthma and environmentally induced allergies. The pediatrician prescribed preventative medication and an inhaler to use during trainings and games. Rhys was religious about taking his medication because he wanted to feel better and compete to his highest potential. The medication helped but only to a certain degree. His condition was definitely affecting his performance as the athletic demands were becoming greater and he was miserable due to the chronic headaches. He was preparing to leave for a national training camp but I was not comfortable sending him alone in his current physical condition. As a mother this broke my heart.

I spoke to another mother on the team who suggested I take him to Dr. Carr. I was willing to try anything to find my son relief from the headaches and help him find his way back to the fitness level he had previously attained. After a few adjustments his headaches were almost completely gone and he was no longer using his inhaler three to four times per training and competition. I can see the difference Dr. Carr made in my son's life. His breathing issues are no longer affecting his performance and he is a much happier young man being headache-free. Dr. Carr changed my sons life. I cannot thank him enough!

What People Say About Stanford Chiropractic Center | Palo Alto Chiropractors Melanie - 2012

All chiropractors are not made alike - I know this from experience! Dr. Carr is the best. I also know this from experience.

After carrying my baby around on my hip for several months I started to 
experience back pain. The pain was getting worse day by day. I went to one 
chiropractor who had been recommended by a friend but he wasn't able to
 help me at all. In fact, I started to worry that something was seriously
 wrong with me since none of his adjustments were helping.

 Then one Saturday morning in quiet desperation I started calling every
 chiropractor in the yellow pages, hoping that a different doctor 
may be able to help me.

When I called Dr. Carr's office the phone was answered
 by a real person who was sympathetic to my condition and wanted to help, even though that meant calling Dr. Carr 
into the office just for me on the weekend. About an hour later I met
 Dr. Carr at his office and after doing a couple of simple adjustments he
 took my pain level from a 9 to a 3. After a few more weeks of 
treatments my pain level went down to a 0 and stayed there. 

I remembered that the other chiropractor did the same adjustments but to
 no avail because he didn't have the gift. Dr. Carr does. He's the
 best chiropractor I have ever encountered anywhere in the world and his 
staff care about his patients and their well-being. I'm so happy that I 
found him and that he healed my back.

What People Say About Stanford Chiropractic Center | Palo Alto Chiropractors Michael - 2012

I found the wonderful folks at Stanford Chiropractic Center through a massage therapist. She said Dr. Carr was "no nonsense" and she was right. I started going to Stanford Chiropractic for maintenance which was nice but when I was injured in a car accident in July of 2011 that is when I really began to appreciate the work that they do. The whiplash gave me pain in my neck and lower back but now six months later after adjustments and massages, I feel great. They emphasize a holistic approach to healing and it works. Keep your spine adjusted and your attitude will most always be positive. Keep smiling!

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