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Why Care for the Core!

There has been a resurgence of Healthy Mindedness throughout the world. Physical and Emotional Fitness is a fundamental requirement for many. Among the most popular forms of workout is the focus on core exercises. These are routines specifically designed for core strengthening.


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But apart from losing weight, getting fit, and strengthening your core, what else can core exercises do for your body and health?

  • What exactly is the core?

  • ● It is made up of three layers of muscles.
  • The core includes your upper abs, the oblique or the side muscles, and the deepest muscles which overall supports your body, thus referred to as the core.

  • ● Your core serves as your body’s framework, or corset.
  • Your deep muscles make up your posture and supports your body’s natural balance. This is what makes core exercise and strengthening vital. You have to take care of your care to make sure your body is always ready for anything you have to do.

  • Why should you take your time doing core exercises?

  • ● Core exercises support your spine.
  • The chores we do every day may sometimes force us to get physical, which could mean tiresome tasks using our spine. If we are not very fit, it could easily take its toll on us. Core exercises prep our body to be as flexible and agile as possible. It makes us easily adjust to strenuous activities, thus lessening the risks of spine injuries. This is of course our favorite reason here at Stanford Chiropractic!

  • ● Core exercises help improve your balance.
  • Balance is important to make us fit for different activities requiring physical energy. If we do not have proper balance, we are prone to falling and slipping, which could possibly lead to fatal injuries if we are not careful.

  • ● Core exercises prepare your body for more intense workouts.
  • In case you are highly serious in getting fit that you wish to do more complex routines, you should make it a point to do core exercises first. Its routines make sure your body is ready for more vigorous workouts in the future.


Stanford Chiropractic | Palo Alto Chiropractors


Core exercises are the basics of getting fit. It is so easy to do, which leaves you with absolutely no excuses when it comes to having time to exercise. It’s simple nature allows you to get fit anytime, anywhere. If you haven’t found the time to do your core exercises yet, perhaps knowing how it builds your body for the better will help you find some.

When you are in for your next visit please feel free to ask Dr. Carr about how Core Exercise can enhance your physical and mental health.

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