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Why Weightlifting and Why It’s Good for You

Weightlifting and Why It’s Good for You

Lifting weights has gained popularity at the same time fitness routines and exercises became the norm. Because more and more people wish to lose weight and look great at the same time, they turn to weightlifting, since it is known to help us gain good-looking muscles.


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Other than the obvious, what other benefits could we reap from weightlifting?

  • ● Lifting helps you develop muscles. Muscles fight fat.
  • It is pretty simple. When you lift exercises, you buff your natural muscles and lose weight in the process. Maintain the routines and let your muscles fight fat on their own.

  • ● It reduces the risks of depression.
  • We have been told time and again how exercise releases endorphins, also known as the “happy hormones.” Exercising is not only good for our physical health, but it also helps maintain and improve our mental health. The more frequently you exercise, the less risks you have of getting depressed.

  • ● Lifting improves body awareness.
  • Research shows that exercises help us be more in-tune with how our body moves. Because lifting helps put your muscles in the right place, you get to know your body more. When you get the hang of lifting, you also learn the proper way of using your muscles and how they work.

  • ● It helps fight osteoporosis.
  • It is a known fact that lifting makes our muscles grow, but did you know that your bones adapt with that growth too? Osteoporosis is caused by smaller bones, which is where lifting comes in. When your bones are stressed from exercise, your body produces more bones, making the existing ones even larger.

If you have always wanted to try lifting weights, now is the time! It may seem hard at first, when you look at how experienced people do it, but with the right guidance and proper training, you’re sure to get used to it in no time.

I go to the gym on a very regular basis with some strict regimens of body weight exercises as well as lifting and cardio. If you would like to discuss some exercise that not only support your overall health but focus on the support of your spine, please take a moment to talk with me at our office.

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–Dr. Carr

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