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Try to share time with people

Try to share time with people that you trust and have the same basic core beliefs.

Hi, this is Dr. Carr from Stanford Chiropractic Center.

I wanna share with you, this last weekend I got to hang out with 3 other chiropractors. It's really great to hang out and bond with like minded people. We shared a lot of great stories on diet, different ways to adjust things, help in running the practice.

We've been doing this since '88, so it's great to hear other ways to do things I would really encourage you to open up your horizons and see people do things differently. We were up in Tahoe, I got to snowboard. It was really really fun.

Just connect with them so you have something a little different than what we normally talk about.

So have a great day, if you need anything chiropractically, just let us know.

See you in the office or call us anytime. Thanks!

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