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The Perfect Exercise for Little Time

Dead lift, Squat, Lunge

We live in a fast-paced world that somehow makes our jobs eat up too much of our time. Because we get so obsessed about work, exercise has indeed taken the backseat which results in poor health and wellness.

This exercise is perfect for when you have just a little time to squeeze in a workout routine. It is easy to do, would not need any equipment, and works at least three parts of the body.

It wraps in three exercises in one routine. It includes a dead lift, a squat, and then a lunge of both legs. You can do this with weights, or without. For beginners, it is best to start with no weights at all. Like all other exercises, form is very important.

For the dead lift part, keep your head up. As you go down, remain semi tense but not stiff, then straight up. Then, do a squat, a lunge, and then a squat and a lunge again.

You can do 10-20, or 3 sets of 10. It is really good for the core and the legs. It will also work great for your glutes, your hams, and your quads. It will even work your calves a little.

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