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Taking time for yourself to RE- Create!

News flash: We all have our moments. That’s a fact.There are times when we go through days when we feel pain and fatigue, when it’s hard to convince yourself to get up, when things seem like they’re all over the place. It is human nature and is perfectly normal.

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Life gets so fast-paced that we get overwhelmed with our priorities and it becomes challenging to keep it balanced. Sometimes, the best way to deal with it is to unplug, take some time off, and really make time for yourself.

Why is it important to have me time?

  • The pressure and stresses of your work can get to you.
  • You can’t take care of others when you forget taking care of yourself.
  • Your body can only take so much.

    We often overlook the value of making time for ourselves because we are too busy dealing with our daily tasks and responsibilities. Most people would even say it is not needed, when the truth is, everyone needs that.

    To recreate is to touch base with your inner self and get in tune with what you really enjoy. You might be passionate about your job and find true joy on it, but there’s nothing like a moment when you just let yourself be and not worry about anything else.

    Recreating is essential to staying sane and achieving an ideal balance between life and work. You might think it’s hard to squeeze some me time when you have a hectic schedule, but you know what they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Stanford Chiropractic | Palo Alto Chiropractors

    Here are easy ways to take time for yourself to re-create:

    Go for a walk, alone. It doesn’t matter how long the walk is, as long as you do it by yourself. Take time to appreciate the surroundings. Breathe deeply, and just enjoy the time out from work and people.

    Go back to what you love, even for a few minutes every day. It could be cross stitching, crochet, painting, baking, gardening—anything that makes you happy.

    Block a day for yourself. It could be a weekend, where you will only do things that make you happy. Go out with the people you really like, go on a solo flight, eat the extra dessert, etc. Make that day all about you.

    There are many ways we can take to make time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be something that would make you happy.

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