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Hi. This is Dr. Carr at Stanford Chiropractic Center.

I was wondering what we will talk about today, so why don't we revisit talking about our goals for the beginning of the year?

We talked the other day about walking for about 30 minutes, and how you could pump that up a little bit is maybe bring on some weights.

As you're walking, you can pump that up just by doing things like these. Stretch up your arms, or you can walk like this but with weights. What it will do is elevate that heart rate a bit, help you tone it up here and give you a good workout. That's just another way to crank up, I'm not asking you to do it for any more time, but to just do it a little bit more often. So each time, we can bump up this a little bit or change them up.

If you have any questions, call us up in the office or get on our web page. Let us know and I can address some of that, too. Otherwise, see you soon in the office. Have an amazing rest of the Monday. Bye

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