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Staying in Your Prime Regardless of Father Time

Staying in Your Prime Regardless of Father Time

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We’ve all heard of the phrase “age is just a number”. It’s true, but it is also true that aging could take its toll on us if we're not conscious of our lifestyle, our diet, and our movements. Being careful of what we eat and how we live does not mean we should slow down or be very strict, but only means we should somehow be mindful of how we deal with life as we grow older.

Apart from a healthy diet, proper exercise is also necessary as we age. It helps us naturally adjust to the changes brought about by age, and helps us age gracefully. What exercises are considered safe and appropriate for active seniors?

  • Aerobics. Aerobics is fun, and it serves its purpose of keeping seniors fit and healthy. It is made even better and doable since you can do it in groups and even at home. It strengthens your body, improves your endurance, and also keeps you physically active without going too far. Doing Aerobics in water can bring great benefits while having less negative impact on your body.
  • Weights. This one you should all do with caution. But if you’re the type who has always been physically active, there should not be a problem. The key is to start light and eventually work your way up to heavier ones as you go along and get used to the pressure.
  • Balance exercises. Keeping balance as you age can be challenging, especially after retirement from work, if your life becomes more sedentary. This is why it is crucial to engage in simple balance exercises to make sure you lessen the risk of getting injured, which naturally gets higher with age.

Most seniors think it is unhealthy for them to engage in physical activities, usually afraid of injuries, broken bones, brittle spines. On the contrary, it is best to keep exercise and a healthy diet as a mandatory part of each day... It does not only keep you stronger, but can also make you feel younger, no matter what your age.

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