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Standup VS. Sitdown Desks

Hi. Dr. Carr here at Stanford Chiropractic Center. We're going to go over standing desks versus sit down desks.

The problem is you can set that up wrong as well. We have talked about the sitdown desk, where you sit down and you want to make sure the screen is at eye level.The same thing applies to a standup desk. A lot of people have a standup desk but the screen is there. What it does is it puts the neck in this position.

When you have a perfect neck there is a curve here, a 43 degree curve. This position will straighten it out. That's when you lose the curve. You lose the vitality of the neck, and you start getting the symptoms down like aching arms, headache, things like that.

The same rules apply with the sitdown desk. You want to make sure that when you are up, the screen is here. Either standing or sitting, that will help with the proper position of the neck.

Have an awesome day. Thank you.

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