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Reconnect with your Partner

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Now that the kids are back in school, it is the absolute perfect time to take advantage of more hours for you and your spouse.

While school work might be overwhelming in this new academic year, a few hours of alone time for just the two of you would not hurt; it may even be what you need to breathe and go back to being a super parent again.

Raising our children undoubtedly takes up a lot of time and effort, that it becomes normal for couples to very rarely find time to go out on their own. Thankfully, Palo Alto and its neighbor cities are home to fun date ideas that are easy to go to and wouldn’t break the budget.

We have here a few tips on where you might want to head out the next chance you get for a date.

  • • The Stanford Theatre
  • This place has been around since 1925, so it is a great place for when you want to reminisce the good old days. It shows old movies and occasionally has exhibits for art enthusiasts. Quiet nights and affordable concessions remain to be the biggest reasons why couples keep coming back to this place.

  • • The Wine Room
  • You can be romantic and cozy in this dating place. It features a cozy cottage-like feel, except that it is cooler. Not only is the romantic ambiance great for a quiet night out, drinking wine in moderation is also known for helping maintain a good heart health.

  • • Cantor Arts Center
  • Learn more about our history the classy way when you spend a day with your spouse in this place. Its pretty sculptures and breathtaking exhibits will pique your interest and most probably start meaningful conversations. Its sculpture garden is said to be one for the books.

  • • Go for a hike at The Baylands
  • Reconnect with nature, too, as you go for a hike and keep yourself fit together in the Baylands Nature Preserve. You can walk and run on the trails, and also have fun while resting and watching birds.

  • • Pizza My Heart
  • Go for a quick and filling date at Pizza My Heart. You and your spouse are sure to find something for you in their many pizza choices. The place is fun and cozy, too, perfect for chit chats and catching up after a long day.

Palo Alto also has a lot of clubs and restaurants you can check for more date night ideas. Still haven’t got enough time for a night out? No problem.

When the kids are asleep or in school, go get yourselves cups of ice cream and just talk about how the day has been. Enjoy the quiet time, find time for it. You Matter!

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