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Reconnect with your Kids

Indeed, time has changed how families live. Time has evolved parent’s roles into different ones, from the traditional: mothers focus on their children and husbands, while husbands had to work extra hard to provide for the family

Fast forward to today, most families thrive because both parents are working and caring for the children together.


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Now that both parents have a job and get busy with work, it is also painfully normal for either or both of them to find it hard to make time for the kids. Hence, the popularity of daycare centers and the higher need for babysitters. Parents can become overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, that the time with their children sometimes ends up taking the backseat.

It might seem hard, but it is not impossible to squeeze in some quality time to reconnect with your children. Reconnecting with them doesn’t require you to quit your jobs, but it sure asks for more effective time management skills, as well as a conscious effort to spend quality time with them and provide them the undivided attention they deserve.

So put the cellphone down, close the laptop, step away from your desk and stop to listen to them, really see them, and enjoy the vibrance only your kids can offer.

How, you might ask…

  • ● Prepare their favorite meal together.
  • Find a game you both can relate and enjoy. Popular choices include scrabble, chess, or the famous Monopoly game. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the game without thinking about work. This won’t just let you reconnect with your kid, but with your inner child, too.

  • ● Pick up a board game.
  • If the reason why you haven’t achieved a single one is that you are busy, make a conscious effort to take time out from your usual daily routine to give way to what you really want to achieve. Get back to the rhythm you had before when you were pushing yourself to reach your goals.

  • ● Spend the day at the beach.
  • Play water sports, go sailing, make sandcastles! The beach is a fun place to be-whatever your age is. For quiet times and making memories, spend the day walking by the shore, picking up shells, and asking your kid about their dreams and goals.

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With our full hands of adult life, it can seem difficult to find time for fun and recreation to enjoy with the family. If you’re really busy and free time seems so scarce, a quick movie marathon at home and some popcorn with your kids could go a long way in making sure you’re in touch.

We at Stanford Chiropractic Center encourage you to Rethink Health in all aspects. Spending time with your children and family can be one of the most enriching, nurturing actions for your overall health. Call us today to set your personalized Chiropractic health goals.

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