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Reconnect with your Inner Child

The world we live in moves in a very fast pace, that we sometimes lose our balance and struggle as we go along. Being an adult means to most having high level of responsibilities and obligations that leave you feel like a plate spinner from the Circus. These stressors may leave you feeling a bit worn down and then you hear yourself say... “Can I just go back to being a kid again, when times were simple…?”

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We, of course, know that we cannot technically but we can figuratively! We can throw caution and responsibilities to the wind even for a moment to reconnect to and awaken our inner child.

We all have that child deep within us. If you think you don’t, he/she must have been hidden so deep, buried by all the atrocities of life that make us eventually “mature”.

Reconnecting with your inner child might seem hard at first, but the key is to think deep and try to remember what you were passionate about during your childhood. Your childhood memories play a vital part in reconnecting, if you enjoyed your childhood, it’s memoirs will surely bring a tug in your heart and a twinkle in your eye.

  • Get one of those coloring books and a set of glitter pens. Coloring repetitive patterns is said to help you relax and destress. Use a variety of colors, you can even mix them to your heart’s content. Choose the patterns that remind you of your childhood--swirls, flowers, etc.
  • Play board games with a childhood friend. It can also be with your cousin or sibling--anyone you’ve spent your childhood with. Use the bonding activity as a chance to talk about the happy memories you had before, and relive the simple joys that satisfied you then.
  • Go to a theme park. Ride on every attraction you’ve loved as a kid. Try the merry-go-round, ferris wheel, rollercoaster, etc. Eat ice cream, cotton candy, and snow cones--forget about the calorie count for once. Just spend the day doing what makes you happy.

Children have such an unadulterated view on life, which explains why they get high emotions on mundane things. As adults, we should make a conscious effort to channel a child’s attitude on life when needed--simple, do as you please, and positive. Cheers to all of the children in the world regardless of age! #RethinkAge!

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