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Reconnect with your Goals

Have you ever been so busy about life that you feel you are far from where you’re supposed to be? The world we live in moves so fast, that we sometime struggle to keep up with its fast pace

We have our own share of pressures and obligations that take up our time and sometimes even consume our being--it could be work, family, a business, anything that we spend time on. These things fill our plates with so much stuff to do, making it easy for us to forget the goals we once set for ourselves.


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Do you still remember what you wanted to do when you were six? Or what you told yourself you would be after you graduated? Do you honestly think you have achieved your goal, or are you going to a different direction right now?

Our goals usually take us to our dreams and aspirations. Having them makes us strive more, since hard work and determination help us reach our goals faster. But what if we have lost our way in meeting them?

How do we reconnect with our goals and eventually attain them?

  • ● Look back on your life when you first set your goals.
  • If you wrote them somewhere and still have that paper with you, then all good. If not, think of when you clearly had them in your mind and write it down. Set aside a time to reflect on how far you have come, and where you should start again.

  • ● Make time to step closer to each goal.
  • If the reason why you haven’t achieved a single one is that you are busy, make a conscious effort to take time out from your usual daily routine to give way to what you really want to achieve. Get back to the rhythm you had before when you were pushing yourself to reach your goals.

  • ● Motivate yourself.
  • We sometimes get lost in our way when something unfortunate or unexpected happens. While they can sure dampen your hope, don’t let it wreck the faith you have in yourself. Remember that your goals are there to take you to your dreams. Your only limit is you.

  • ● Find inspiration in where you are now.
  • Just because you have not attained your goals does not mean you are living a senseless life. It might be different from what you had in mind before, but find comfort in the fact that it is never too late to change your game plan. Feeling hopeless about your goals? Look closer to where you are and find your drive in what you already have--your kids, your family...they will surely inspire you.

  • ● Write your goals.
  • Write them on something like a 3x5 that you can carry with you and can read them out three times a day, everyday. It helps you focus on them even more.

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We have heard the saying “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” If you’re serious about your goals and really value them, find a way to reconnect with them and meet them. It does not matter how small your steps would be in reconnecting, just as long as you take them to get closer to your goal. Remember, “what you think about, you bring about”.

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