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Prepping the kids for back to school!

After basking in the sun and having fun this summer, we all go back to reality that is another school year. It could be a bit of a challenge to prepare the kids for back to school, especially if they had a lot of fun on their vacation.

Back to school means back to preparing school lunches and packing school bags with books and other school stuff. How do we make sure our kids are healthy even when we don’t watch what they eat in school?

Back to school nutrition tips

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  • Teach your kids about the importance of breakfast. No matter how late they’re running for school, breakfast should never be disregarded. It is the most important part of your day, especially for kids who are about to face a long day in school. It does not even have to be fancy, a simple pancakes and omelettes will do.
  • Know what they eat in school. If your kids choose to buy meals from the cafeteria, ask them what they usually have. If you feel they don’t get the proper nutrition from what they have in school, make a conscious effort to pack one for them yourself.
  • Prepare an after-school snack for your kids. School days can be long and can even be physically tiring. Having a healthy snack when they come home is a great way to replenish their energy and keep them healthy no matter how tired they get from school activities. A homemade BLT sandwich or a cup of yogurt with a granola bar could be what they need while resting.

Apart from keeping them healthy, their posture is also a typical concern. Those heavy backpacks filled with books can take its toll on them in the long run. How do we make sure our kids don’t suffer back pain?

Stanford Chiropractic | Palo Alto Chiropractors

  • ● Develop a habit of carrying the backpack with both their shoulders. It is very usual for children to carry it with just one shoulder as they grow up, which is bad for the posture.
  • ● Look for a backpack with wide cushioned straps. These make the bags easier and more comfortable to carry.
  • ● The heaviest objects should be packed first to make sure they stay nearer the body for better weight distribution.
  • ● As much as possible, eliminate any unnecessary items inside your bag.

Our children will spend most of their time in school which is exactly why we have to make sure they’re both healthy and comfortable. Use these tips as your guide to make sure you and your kids are ready for a healthy and successful year.

We help all ages here at Stanford Chiropractic Center, so please help your children by preparing them for their best year ever! A healthy spine is the key to a healthy life. Call today for an appointment.

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