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Oreos May Be Considered as Addictive as Cocaine

Oreos May Be Considered as Addictive as Cocaine

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Who would’ve thought that Oreos might be considered more or just as addictive as cocaine. It’s a strange thought, that something delicious could be considered that addictive.

Studies that have been done by researchers, such as those from students at Connecticut College, using lab rats have shown that the Oreos activated more neurons in the pleasure center of the rat’s brain than it did in the drug cocaine.

The research findings seem to suggest that high fat/sugary foods and cocaine trigger the addictive process in the brain. When given the choice between the Oreos and a snack such as rice cakes, the rats chose the Oreos.

Humans and rats alike seem to enjoy the creamy center of the Oreo, breaking it open and eating the middle first. Refined foods seem to have powerful addictive properties that most people can’t seem to fight the urge to eat them. The more susceptible a person is to these properties the harder it is for them not only resist but to lose weight as well.

But is there a healthy alternative to enjoying that yummy cookie without the refined sugar? Read on to see what other choices there may be:

Alternatives to Oreos:

A popular alternative to eating Oreos seems to be a healthier choice such as Newman-Os. They are slightly better and taste almost like the real thing. Newman-Os are made with organic unbleached sugar while Oreos are made with enriched wheat flour. Oreos are a highly processed snack that have been stripped of nutrients then put back into the cookie. Newman-Os cost a little more than Oreos but have more nutritional value. Other delicious and nutritious snacks such as sweet crisp apple, maple covered almonds, or a yogurt berry & granola parfait.

Oreos can be delicious but also not very good for you. Enjoying a couple every now and then won’t hurt you but you want to enjoy it in moderation.

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