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Easy Goal Setting for the New Year... Keep It Real in 2018.

Can you believe that 2017 is almost over? To some it is the end of an amazing year, but is also a great reminder that we are just about to embark on just another awesome one.


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Needless to say, starting a new year is a wonderful opportunity to set new goals, for you have another 365 days to smash them. How do you make sure you can easily attain the goals and resolutions you get this 2018?

  • ● Keep it real.
  • The dawn of the new year fills us with hope for greater things, which could sometimes be the culprit of why we get so dreamy about our goals. Sometimes, we set goals too high, they are not realistic anymore. The key is to set big goals, which you know are still possibly attainable.

  • ● Do not put too much thought on it.
  • Analysis paralysis makes you find it harder to get to the goals you really have to reach. Get to the heart of what you feel you have to change and improve this year, and then go from there.

  • ● Listen to your heart.
  • Let your emotions guide you on where you have to go, which direction you have to take. It may sound cliche, but only because it is a timeless truth. Whatever you’ll feel happy in, just do it.

  • ● Set goals you feel good about.
  • Do not put so much pressure on yourself. A goal that will make you happy, feel good about yourself, and will make you love your life more should top your list.

  • ● A goal without a plan is just a wish.
  • Write your goals down and stick them on your bathroom mirror, shower or your car. Read them daily!

The goals you set should be what you truly know will be good for you and your family. Take the new year as your new chance of building a life that you really want! We here at Stanford Chiropractic are here to support you in your health goals!

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