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Keeping Kids Healthy Before After and During School

Keeping Kids Healthy Before After and During School

It is that time of the year again. Summer is almost ending, which means we are getting started on another spectacular school year.

Most working parents are worried if their children are getting enough nutrition during school days when they cannot see whether their kids are eating their food, or if they’re just running around during breaks.

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How do we make sure our kids are healthy on school days?

Before school

  • Make them a nice breakfast. Carbs are great for mornings when you know they’re spending the entire day in school. Toast and crackers will give them the energy they need for the day.
  • Include at least one fruit serving. A small banana or a slice of apple is a great way to start the day. Sweet fruits have natural sugars that would perk them up in the morning, no empty calories there.
  • Whip it up fast with cheese and eggs. Raising children means juggling a full schedule and still being able to look after your kids’ health. When you’re extra busy, omelette and cheese on the side would be a healthy and tasty breakfast.

In school

  • Go for homemade sandwiches. Choose whole wheat and sugar-free loaf bread for your kid’s school lunch. Preparing their lunch at home gives you the assurance that your children will get enough nutrition from their food, instead of them buying from the cafeteria.
  • Switch to tuna instead of ham. Tuna has healthy fats good for the heart--making it an excellent choice for sandwiches. Pair it with fresh lettuce and tomatoes for a lunch that is both healthy and yummy.
  • Pack them a water tumbler. Juices are nice, but nothing beats water. Get your kids a sturdy tumbler they can lug in their bag, and encourage them to drink more water everyday for more energy without starch and sugar.

After school

  • Prepare an after-school snack at home Have something they really like, like peanut butter and apple slices. An old fashioned PB and J, just stick to your healthier choices, such as whole wheat and sugar free bread.
  • Spend some time with them. Ask them about their day, how they liked their food, etc. Take their answers as cues to what you can prepare for them for the next school day.

They say the home is our children’s first school. It is where they learn their values and develop their habits. In eating, make it a point to develop healthy eating habits at home. Cut down on sweets and starch, and eat more healthy food. Make it a habit, and watch your kids follow suit.

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