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Healthy Gifts for Christmas... Health is Wealth!

They say health is wealth, so what better gift to give this season!


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Here is a list of fun and health-friendly presents you can give your favorite people this season.

  • ● Sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds.
  • We take our music where we can, including where we do our fitness routines. There are a lot of these fitness gears available in the market today. These earbuds will stay in place even after all those push-ups and headstands.

  • ● Protein-packed pancake mix.
  • If you have friends who are all about their fitness goals, what could be better than a breakfast that keeps them toned? Pancakes with protein, anyone?

  • ● A fun, bright colored yoga mat.
  • Make yoga time more fun, or help someone look forward to getting fit with a new yoga mat. Choose one with a color that fits the personality of whoever you are giving it to.

  • ● A book filled with healthy recipes.
  • People usually find it challenging to do a meal plan, often having the same thoughts of what to eat for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Make sure your friends switch to a healthier lifestyle with healthy, sumptuous meals. A great stocking stuffer: The Bulletproof Diet by David Asprey.

  • ● Grown-up lunch box.
  • Remember when we used to bring packed lunches to school? The office pantry and all those fast food joints provide us unhealthy options. Why not let your friends take their healthy salads and pica pica to work? While you’re at it, get one for yourself, too.

The best gifts are not always the most expensive ones. Find a gift that keeps on giving, like the ones above that will help people maintain good health and optimal fitness. Not only will you make your loved ones happy with these thoughtful gifts, but will also help them with their health and fitness. Have a beautiful Holiday!

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