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Fight Bad Posture with Proper Body Mechanics

Fight Bad Posture with Proper Body Mechanics

Summer is almost over, which means back to school for both kids and parents. Going back to school means having to lug around those heavy bags with thick books—which is known to cause bad posture to children.

Unfortunately, there is no way for our children to be able to go to school without having to carry their heavy bags. The best we can do to prevent bad posture is to make sure we do what we can to teach them about proper body mechanics so they know how to carry their school stuff in a way that would not damage their posture.

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How do we apply proper body mechanics to avoid bad posture?

  • Choose a sturdy backpack instead of a shoulder bag. Backpacks are generally better because it distributes the weight of the bag contents on both shoulders, instead of having just one shoulder to support it.
  • Teach your child to carry the bag on both shoulders instead of just one. This makes it easier to lug their heavy books. It will also make it less tiring for them.
  • At home, make it a habit to correct their posture if you notice them being too close to gadgets. There is now a condition called “tech neck”, which is basically bad posture caused by being glued to tablets and smartphones. Slouching while browsing has become a habit, which should not be the case. Be conscious of your children’s posture and correct their habits to maintain good posture.
  • Use a stability ball at home. When your kids are watching TV or playing gadgets, have them sit on a stability ball. It will help strengthen their core and also encourage them to sit up straight.

While we cannot stop our kids from carrying heavy bags to school, we can help them develop good habits that will help them maintain good posture and also strengthen their body. Now that it is almost time for another school year, it is high time to start teaching the kids about bad posture and how to avoid it.

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