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Embrace The Golden Age: 50 Is The New 30

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We all have heard of the saying that life begins at 40. What about 50?

50 has always been dubbed to be the golden age. This could explain why we often get pressured with age and sometimes even feel the need to hide how old we are.

Some years ago, turning 50 meant getting really old and just staying at home doing nothing. Fast forward to today, 50 has never been more empowering. It has become an age where you can finally find time to do what you really love and go back to your passion, now that you are finally free from having too many responsibilities for work and family.

How do we embrace being 50, and why is it now dubbed as the new 30?

  • • Your 30’s should have been the time you had for yourself. However, because of having your hands full with family and work matters, it was hard to find time to do what you love. Now that you’re 50 and your children are all grown up, you can follow your passion at last.
  • • Being 50 means you have gone through the most trying episodes of your life, which hopefully turned you into a stronger, better, wiser person.
  • • This age allows you to be quirky and crazy, since you don’t have too much to think about anymore. You can eat that dessert and spend the day lounging, not worrying anymore about crazy diets and missed deadlines.
  • • Reaching the golden age also means younger people start valuing your opinions more. We all know of the stigma that older means wiser. Wouldn’t you love it when they ask for your advice and actually listen?

Being 50 also means you actually get to accept your body and all your imperfections. You are past the conscious stage of fretting why you have big arms and big hips. You are just so grateful you are healthy and still as fabulous.

Now, all these can only be achieved if you actually take the time and effort to look after your health and wellness. If you haven’t already, it is high time to indulge yourself in a pampering day for your body—get a massage, have those muscles stretched, and just relax. A visit to the chiropractor isn’t just a maintenance for optimum health, but is also an effective way to prevent illness and body pain that comes with age.

Get healthy and take it seriously. Other than that, enjoy being 50! It only gets better 😉

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