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Celebrating Life: Age is Just A Number

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Most of us get conscious of our body, especially our physical appearance, when we age. It could be because of the stigma that we tend to look less pleasing when we’re older. The things we can do get limited, and some even go through what is said to be mid-life crisis.

The pressures of aging are real, but we shouldn’t let them stress us out. The key is to find happiness in what we have, and to avoid looking back to our “could-have-been’s”.

Celebrating life does not always have to be expensive. In fact, it should be easy and effortless so you’ll really enjoy it instead of wear you out. To celebrate your life means to live every moment and focus in the present—rather than dwelling in the past.

How do we celebrate our life and find joy while we age?

  • • Connect with old friends you’ve lost touch with because of the pressures of work and family some decades ago.
  • • Take a breather from what keeps you busy today to find time for your passion.
  • • Organize a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go but didn’t have a chance yet due to responsibilities. Travel by yourself and enjoy life like you haven’t done before.
  • • List down the things you have always wanted, things you consider to be luxuries. Every now and then, get yourself something from the list. Savor the moment of having the one thing you have always wished for. In case you feel guilty, think of it as a well-deserved reward.
  • • If you have always been fond of reading, join a book club. Most of us fail to find time to read when we’re swamped with work and family responsibilities. Now that you have (hopefully) lesser things on your plate, really lose yourself in a book.
  • • Drop by flea markets or antique stores and get an item that makes you smile because of what it means to you. If you love music, it could be an old record player or a vinyl of your favorite artist.
  • • If you have a dog, walk it at the park and take your time in the stroll. Marvel at the flowers, sit by the bench and just enjoy watching people.
  • • Indulge in a wellness massage. There’s no better way to celebrate life than taking care of yourself to stay healthy for more years of life celebration.

There are far more simple ways to embrace your age and enjoy aging. These things are the ones we overlook back when we had our hands full with the obligations we had 10 or 15 years ago.

Take the time to do what you love, and live in a slower-paced life where you marvel at every moment and savor each second. Life’s good—no matter the age!

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