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Celebrate Healthy Heart Month

Celebrate Healthy Heart Month

Hi, this is Dr. Carr at Stanford Chiropractic Center. This month we are going to celebrate Healthy Heart Month. Last month we did a run and that started a lot of our patients getting fit. What we're going to recommend this month is take care of your heart.

Just start with walking 30 minutes per day. Focus on it. It's not like walking to the mall, walking and stopping. Just walk 30 minutes, 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back.

Take your dog out. Walk hand in hand with your wife or husband, but do it everyday for 30 minutes.

If you already have an exercise program, call the office and we can bump it up if you want it to be more specific.

So, Healthy Heart Month this month. Come in as we are also offering something for your friends and family. We are going to give you a card with a heart sign on it, that's good for any of your friends and family members for a free exam and extras. Make sure you come in and visit us.

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