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Body Mechanics and Weightlifting

Chiropractic care is usually associated with the spine, which is arguably among our body’s most used part, physically. Back in school, we learned how the spine serves as our body’s framework. Now, taking care of our spine means being careful with how we move and how we workout.

Body mechanics may be one of the core fundamentals of chiropractic care. By definition, “body mechanics” is a term used to describe how we move. Related to posture, having poor body mechanics would then result to back aches. This is why it is important for us to be in tune with our body and how we move, especially, when we do strenuous physical activities every day.


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Why do we have to be mindful of our body mechanics if we plan to lift weights?

  • ● Weightlifting puts a lot of tension on your spine. If you are not careful, you may damage your spine and suffer from posture problems after.
  • ● Proper body mechanics get your spine ready for action. It is also worth noting that weightlifting will work out your spine, arms, legs, and your lungs.

How do you combine proper body mechanics and weightlifting?

  • ● Prepare.
  • Like with all other things, preparing before lifting is important. If you weren’t always as physically active before you decided to do weightlifting, you should definitely prepare your body. Try doing warm-up exercises before lifting. This will also train your body.

  • ● Be in tune with your body to know which techniques suit your body mechanics.
  • Our bodies have different strengths and weaknesses, which is also where body mechanics come into play. When lifting weights, always start small and then work your way up to heavier weights when you feel comfortable. Do not pressure yourself into starting with the heavy weights right away.

  • ● Practice squatting and leaning.
  • Lifting weights always adds stress to your waist and your spine. Even without lifting, bending alone can cause tension in your body. Before you start lifting weights, start with squats and leans to make sure you can endure that much pressure.

Body mechanics and weightlifting go hand-in-hand, and there is no way each can go without the other. Observing them both would result in great fitness without the need for pain relievers after every workout.

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