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Rethink Chiropractic Care

10 Top Office Ergonomic Tips

Thousands of people go to their office weekly, and spend hours sitting at a desk. With that much time spent in one location, the question should be asked... Are you doing damage to your body with a non-ergonomic office? ...

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Does Chiropractic Care Lower The Risk Of Stroke?

Some very exciting research has come out about Chiropractic safety and older patients. The first population based study in the US to evaluate stroke risk following spinal adjustments and the first involving older adults, was recently completed. In this study, they sought to answer the question...

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Rethink: The Care of Your Mouth

Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease. Untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis, to which there are many degrees. Aggressive periodontitis occurs with people who have gum disease but seem to be otherwise healthy or at least have no other disease that conventional medicine has deemed a cause of periodontitis...

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Rethink: Paying Off Debt

When you were a kid rolling a snowball in the backyard, the best way to do it was to pack some snow into a tight ball, then start rolling it through the yard. Your snowball would become a snow boulder much quicker than it would if you just built it up by hand. That’s exactly how the debt snowball method works...

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Top 15 Things Your Middle School Kid Wishes You Knew

As a father of three boys, two already past middle school and one that will be there next year, here is good article that my wife sent me

1. Respect me. I'm my own person, not just your kid. Sometimes I might have opinions that differ from yours. Sometimes I just want to be your baby. Respect me either way.

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